Sunday, March 14, 2010


I am living back in western Mass. somehow. It didn't take too long. But when I was in boarding school we used to take trips to North Hampton sometimes. In NOHO (as they say, although I think of that of North Houston but whatever) they have this real cool old school photo booth. It is in black & white and takes 5 minutes to develop, the paper it's printed on is kind of textured almost like canvass. Anyways... I miss going there and taking pictures with friends. Photobooths are fun! I went back and the price has gone from $2 to $4. Now that's $1 for every picture. I guess that's not as outrageous as the amount of money I spend on Polaroid film but none the less; being the broke and stubborn college student I am, I did not use the photobooth. Recently my friend suggested I become a fan of someone's blog. I didn't like her blog too much but she had pictures like these using this website. which is AWESOME. So here is my new technological ode to the classic photo booth.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Desktop OCD numero 157

I don't know how many desktops I've had since I have last written but this is the current one. I know ironing a kitten isn't the nicest thing in the world, but how fucking great is this picture?! I'm just starting at a new college and have been in a super weird world of trying to gather my mental bearings. I am back in New England. I think I will always end up spending time up here. I'm much happier. So yay world.  But this is me updating my blog instead of doing school work, which I should be doing at my new school. Soooooo.....


btw happy belated new year!!

I celebrated my New Year's Eve with friends from all different worlds. One friend from boarding school, one from my old college and one new co-worker friend. We had a fucking blast. Running around Brooklyn like drunk headless chickens.  I threw up at some point walked to a different party took a nap, woke up and kept dancing. I ran 5 blocks in gold sequence heels and didn't fall in the snow once. So I would definitely label that night as a success.
Hurrah 2010



Soooo  I haven't written for over a whole season. Almost two seasons. This is my attempt to rejuvenate my blog. I found a bunch of strawberry pictures today and HAD to post them. So here they are...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rick Ross shows some serious presidential Love

(On a side note) I realized this was suppose to be a fashion blog, but without a working camera it's kind of hard to take pictures of my outfits. Now it's kind of about silly things that pop into my head. but that's ok.
(On a REAL note)  So the other day I was over at my friends place and they were watching music videos. I don't like most music videos, or at least the one's that play on MTV, but for Rick Ross I make an acceptation. Mosty because he's from Miami, and is the most mainstream dude to do so. And in this video I'm noticing how tatted up he is and get a glimmer of... Abe lincoln on his chest. Baffled I think, no it's something else but then, on the other side of his chest he has a picture of George Washington. DAMN this is one patriotic drug dealer turned rapper. This pictures aren't great but in both he's almost pointing at his beloved presidents. 
Top picture- Washington is in the upper right on his chest.
Bottom Picture - Don't get distracted by the beautiful body or the scarface boxers but Lincoln is on the left almost shoulder area. 
Hope you like it!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh fuck. Bing is the shit!

I forgot to write about this earlier. But. is the shit. The commercials are a little annoying but the website itself  is wonderful. It's exactly what it claims to be. It's much better than google but I'll keep my gmail forever. It narrows things down  a lot and also if you put your curser over it, it'll give you a preview. If it's a video, it'll play a clip of the video, if it's a picture it'll give you more info of the picture and make it a little bigger & if it's a website it'll tell you the lines surrounding your subject. I have no idea if that was coherent at all but check it out none the less. 

Oh so faint..

So, yesterday I fainted! The only other times I've fainted were more like passing out from heat in the mountains of Colorado during the summer. Yesterday I was at some pizza/chicken/ ice cream/sandwich shop. Not the classiest place I've been but times are hard. I was waiting for a pizza and started to feel dizzy. Then my vision whited out and I fucking passed out. I said " I don't feel well" to my boyfriend and about two minutes later " Did I fall down? On the ground!?" Then got up and almost ran to the car, out of embarrassment. I didn't have time to say "oh woe is me" or any other classy line and there wasn't even a nice little fainting couch, just the sidewalk with gum & cigarette butts. Granted me fainting is probably my fault. Poor outfit choice. I wanted to take a picture of the outfit, but didn't get around to  it. I was wearing a thin long sleeve shirt and a sweater vest with a  high-waisted belt (probably too tight). It was rainy a little (like every other day this summer) so I thought it would be cold. But it was super hot and I was too stubborn to change. I thought my outfit was super cute. Very nautical. So.. I fainted on a sidewalk in Brooklyn. Thats about it. Today I bought a dress. Tomorrow is 4th of July. 
That's all.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Desktop OCD Summer

Ello, ello... Soo I got this new desktop picture like four days ago. I had Lil' Kim's mug shot up for a few weeks.  I like the expression on her face and also the fact that her face actually looks like a face unlike how she looks now. She just looks kinda bad ass, I have no idea why she's getting this mug shot taken. But this picture I got off  and I thought it would cheer me up. It convinced me to go to the aquarium, which is exactly what I did today. The New York Aquarium is in Coney Island and I went out there and to be honest, wasn't super impressed. The coolest thing was the jellyfish. I took a bunch of pictures of Jellyfish but I have to upload them. I guess that's all, don't go to the NY Aquarium. 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My New Love

I just read about DJ Tamara Sky at Missbehave. I have no idea why I haven't heard of her before. She's a DJ in Miami and was in the Mexican and American Playboy. I've heard some over her mixes and they are pretty good. There are a lot of lady DJ's out there that are very beautiful but can't DJ for shit. She is not one of them so look her up.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Not Cool

I'm not really one for celebrity gossip but this is so not cool. NAS AND KELIS ARE GETTING A DIVORCE. I am so upset, more and more my idea of true love gets shit upon. I am a romantic, no gonna doubt it, but this life is making very hard for me to continue to do so. They are way too cute together and are like a power couple. boooo divorce. 
Sorry I know it's tacky to whine about famous couples relationships.